Staff Profile: Amber Earley, MA, RPA

Q:  What do you do at Perteet?  

I’m an archaeologist and the manager of the cultural resources program. I help our clients comply with laws that pertain to archaeological sites, historical buildings, and places of traditional importance.


Q: What about Perteet do you love most? 

First, the people! Everyone who works here is committed to doing great work and creating a welcoming and fun work environment. Second, the leadership is better than I’ve experienced at any other company. They make very intentional business decisions and communicate openly with employees.


Q:  What part of your job do you like the best? 

I love helping clients develop creative strategies to accomplish their goals. I get to collaborate with many different people from engineers and planners to archaeologists and historians, tribal members, geologists, land developers, and land managers.


Q: What have you learned at Perteet that you value the most? 

I have learned the value of different perspectives. Each team member, client, and stakeholder has a unique way of viewing the world, and communicating openly with each other helps us accomplish our work in a more productive way than we would alone.

Amber Earley, Senior Archaeologist

Amber Earley, Senior Archaeologist