Staff Profile: Tracy Chambers

Q:  What do you do at Perteet?  

I am a professional cat wrangler, i.e. Marketing Specialist for the world’s greatest engineering firm in Snohomish County. All of our engineers are secretly envious of the magic we create on a daily basis. Let’s face it. We make them look good.


Q: What about Perteet do you love most? 

I love our ESOP culture, which embodies teamwork, accountability, and a sense of community. We all make a choice to come to work, but when you work at Perteet, you have an opportunity to collaborate and work on projects that positively affect the community around you. That’s not something that happens just anywhere.


Q:  What part of your job do you like the best? 

I love the opportunity to work with a variety of work styles and personalities. The challenge is to find out “what works” and continue to enhance the processes. Days are never boring or prescriptive. It’s not a venue that works for all, but it’s what I love about Perteet, since it works for me.


Q: What have you learned at Perteet that you value the most? 

Teamwork, collaboration, and respect. At the end of the day, it can feel like we’re all one big family, and with a family, you want everyone to succeed. As a whole, Perteet does a good job of recognizing the value of their team. It can be something as simple as the CEO recognizing your contribution, a colleague sending you a “high-five” announcement, or being part of a winning team on a pursuit.

Tracy Chambers, Marketing specialist

Tracy Chambers, Marketing specialist