Rapids-Columbia 230kV Line Project

Douglas County PUD, WA

The electric transmission grid in and around Douglas County, Washington, is a key component in the transport of electricity from the hydro-generation projects on the Columbia River. When a deficiency in the system resulted in Douglas County PUD’s need to build a new 230kV line, the utility engaged Perteet to help facilitate the final design and construction of the project. When the PUD lost key members of its team, Perteet stepped into the gap to help the PUD and its project partners (Bonneville Power Administration, Chelan PUD, and Grant PUD) move the project forward. The new 8.5-mile transmission line adds needed operating flexibility and will reduce the need to curtail electric power generation at the Rocky Reach and Wells hydroelectric facilities under certain conditions. Finally, the new transmission line helps meet load growth by adding a new 230kV circuit to the northern mid-Columbia transmission area. Perteet’s team was responsible for the engineering design and project management for the steel transmission line from the Rapids to Columbia switchyards. Engineering design is over 90% complete with construction anticipated in 2022. In addition to completing the design, Perteet is developing material specifications and procurement packages, and providing permitting and right-of-way support, construction management, and record closeout on this project.


  • Energy
  • Emergency Preparedness