Implementing the latest in the electric utility industry

Perteet provides a broad range of services to the electric utility industry. These services, for utilities and other owners of utility-grade facilities, include routing studies, engineering, design, environmental impacts, and construction administration. Our team members have worked with transmission and distribution voltages from 4kV through 500kV. This experience includes lines on wood poles, steel poles, lattice steel and concrete, and on everything from single pole projects through lines over 50 miles long. Included are new facilities, minor refurbishment, and major infrastructure upgrades. Perteet has experience beyond just overhead lines. This includes support for the construction of Battery Energy Storage Systems and a significant amount of engineering for underground distribution. What matters to Perteet is not the project size but the client’s satisfaction and the benefit the project brings to the community it serves.

Services Perteet Provides

  • Owner’s engineer
  • Route selection studies
  • Studies and planning for overhead to underground conversions
  • Preliminary engineering
  • Final engineering
  • Construction management/observation
  • New or upgraded lines
  • Conductor selection analysis

  • Structure foundation design
  • Structure analysis and loading – including for cellular antennas and fixed wire attachments
  • Underground cable and conduit design
  • Transformer sizing analysis
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) use analysis
  • BESS project management
  • BESS construction administration
  • Environmental studies and analysis

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