Arlington Microgrid

Snohomish County PUD, WA

Snohomish PUD’s Arlington Microgrid and Clean Energy Center project represents a new technology and approach to electrical service, offering improved reliability and renewable energy integration. The system is sized to provide power to the PUD’s future Arlington Office during an outage, whether it is a short-term problem or long-term (such as a major earthquake). Located in the north-central part of the utility’s service area, the project will be paying for itself by providing renewable energy integration and grid support. The project includes a 500-kilowatt solar array and a 1,000-kilowatt lithium-ion battery storage system. It also has the first of their kind vehicle-to-grid charging (V2G) stations.


  • Energy
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Construction Management

The V2G stations allow the PUD to charge its electric fleet vehicles during normal operation and allows for the energy stored in the electric vehicles to flow back to the grid during an outage. The PUD engaged Perteet’s support to help facilitate a smooth construction process. Perteet provided on site construction engineering focusing on documenting construction, planning next steps of construction, coordination between construction crews and design engineers, and helping resolve construction-related issues. From pouring concrete foundations, to installing major equipment and electrical assembly, through system testing, Perteet has supported the PUD construction efforts on this project.

The project benefitted greatly from the knowledge, support and diligence of the Perteet team working with our District crews, myself, and the rest of the project team.

Scott Gibson

PUD Project Manager

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