PSE – BPA Clearance Mitigation

Puget Sound Energy, WA

When the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) notified Puget Sound Energy there were clearance concerns between its transmission lines and PSE’s distribution lines, PSE was required to modify its facilities to maintain the required clearances. PSE selected Perteet to complete the engineering for these four projects.


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To achieve the required operational clearance to the transmission lines above, Perteet did the engineering to facilitate repositioning of its distribution facilities while maintaining system capacity and operational flexibility. All four projects involved replacing poles, removing or reworking overhead facilities, and installation of underground primary conductors and terminations. In total, Perteet provided engineering for work on 17 poles, including seven new ones and the design for 2,550 linear feet of conduit, cable, vaults, and related equipment. Perteet’s tasks included project management, field inspection, alternative analysis, and design. This work helped maintain the reliability of BPA’s regional transmission system and PSE’s local distribution.