Park Lane Pedestrian

City of Kirkland, WA

When the City of Kirkland decided to transform a part of its downtown business district into a pedestrian-friendly plaza, it turned to Perteet for a number of design and construction management solutions. The City’s goal was to enhance economic development, increase walkability, and create a new community hub for gatherings and events. During construction, the City wanted to address the impact of the project on local businesses and stakeholders. The project also required a fast-track approach to retain federal and state funding.


  • Transportation
  • Construction Management
  • Planning
  • Site / Utilities

A place for Kirkland to come together

Perteet handled a wide range of design elements for the project, including roadway design, ADA upgrades, stormwater improvements (permeable pavers and bio-retention cells), LED lighting, replacement of a water main, and coordination with resource agencies regarding environmental documentation (NEPA/ECS), SEPA Checklist, Biological Assessment, and Hazardous Materials Technical Memorandum. Our team supported the City in Advisory Committee meetings throughout the design phase.

Construction Management

Coordination with the many businesses along this corridor was especially critical on this project, located in the heart of downtown Kirkland. The Perteet construction management team worked with the contractor and the business owners to keep the businesses accessible throughout construction. Other critical construction elements included replacement of a stormwater conveyance system, a 1955 water line, and deteriorating sidewalks due to root damage from established trees and deteriorating pavement. Provisions for Low Impact Development (LID) water quality treatment, energy efficient LED lighting upgrades, provisions for enhancing business opportunities, a new concrete intersection, and the installation of permeable and non-permeable pavers for the sidewalks and roadway surfaces were also part of the construction phase.

A thriving community hub

The new Park Lane has quickly become a focal point of the Kirkland community, playing host to everything from the Wednesday Market to outdoor concerts and car shows. As Kirkland neighborhood services coordinator Christian Knight recently told Kayla Roberts of the Kirkland Reporter, Park Lane is “the city’s living room, a place to eat, shop, relax and enjoy active leisure. Ultimately, it is the community’s gathering place.” The Perteet team is proud of our work on the Park Lane project. We’re honored to help the City of Kirkland get the most out of their investment, and to enhance the quality of its citizens today, and for future generations.

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