Staff Profile: Erin Routledge

Q:  What do you do at Perteet?  

I work as a design engineer in our transportation design group. I am involved in the design aspects of roadway projects using CAD, marking up plan sheets for drafting, preparing cost estimates, and performing site visits to project sites.


Q: What about Perteet do you love most? 

I love the culture that being an employee-owned company has created. Everyone takes ownership of their role on every project and everyone’s work is valued and important, from a potential project being pursued to a project finishing construction.


Q:  What part of your job do you like the best? 

What I like best about my job is the variety of work. Though I primarily work on roadway projects, no two days look the same. Recently, I have been out in the field evaluating roads for pavement preservation, developing a cost estimate for an overlay project, and helping with utility design for a site development project.


Q: What have you learned at Perteet that you value the most? 

At Perteet, I am learning what it means to build better communities, by design. On each project, our thinking and our decisions go beyond just getting the job done, but includes each user and stakeholder in the project to ensure that our work is intentional and impactful.

erin Routledge, engineer ii

erin Routledge, engineer ii