Staff Profile: Evan Lamon

Q:  What do you do at Perteet?  

I am a Sr. Construction Observer responsible for monitoring new construction for the Cities of North Bend and Snoqualmie. I verify contractors are conforming to the plans and specifications for each project from start to finish.  


Q: What about Perteet do you love most? 

I love that I get to help build the communities that I live in. I take great pride in turning projects over to these communities that I am a part of.  


Q:  What part of your job do you like the best? 

The problem solving and interactions. You work with a team of people, making a drawing come to life, while meeting plans and specifications all at the same time.  


Q: What have you learned at Perteet that you value the most? 

Communication. I have learned how to get along with the different trades and personalities. I enjoy the connections you make as you learn to all work together as a team to finish a project.