ACOM/Verizon Wireless 5G Installation

Seattle, WA

Verizon is on a mission to roll out its fifth generation (5G) of cellular communication in the Seattle area. There is customer demand for this broadband service and competitor carriers are racing to get preferred locations for the new 5G antennas. To help expedite the design process in the Seattle City Light (SCL) service area, Verizon engaged Perteet. From early 2020 through 2021 the Perteet team has been assigned 16 design projects, for a total of 239 5G antenna sites. It is critical for Perteet to meet SCL’s processes and standards, and this is accomplished while managing both the schedule and cost. Perteet’s excellent understanding of SCL expectations, solid project management, and extensive utility coordination background are key to the success of this work.


  • Broadband
  • Site/Utilities