Seaway Transit Center (Swift BRT Green Line)

Community Transit, WA

As Community Transit set out to add the Green Line to their Swift BRT service, they turned to Perteet for design of the Seaway Transit Center as the first piece of the system. During the initial programming phase, Perteet’s team developed an innovative intersection at the transit center’s 75th Street entry point that provided access for all modes at this complex intersection. With the conceptual design, the team prepared FTA NEPA DCE environmental documentation for this complex federally funded project.

Perteet also provided utility design and construction management services.


  • Transportation
  • Construction Management
  • Site / Utilities

Utility Design

Stormwater design for this project includes the use of LID techniques such as Filterra® units and Modular Wetlands® for water quality treatment, oil water separators for oil control and a detention tank and concrete detention vault for flow control. Close coordination was required between Perteet and the City of Everett to arrive at a mutually acceptable design to separate site runoff from City right-of-way runoff under very challenging site constraints. Other utility design elements included the extension of water and sanitary sewer service to the on-site operator comfort station as well as the design of the site’s irrigation system.

Greenroads Silver Certified

Perteet provided final design and construction management that provided a sustainable project that received Silver certification from Greenroads®.

Construction Management

During the construction phase of the project, our team maintained a close relationship with all of the adjacent community stakeholders. Our team carefully documented all aspects of the project and provided our client with a documentation package that fulfilled all of the FTA requirements. This included Buy America, labor compliance, change management, and progress payments. A representative from Snohomish County PUD was included in the weekly construction meetings so that site work adjacent to the PUD property as well as frontage improvement work at their main access point was conducted most efficiently and with minimal disruption to their operations. Close coordination with PUD was also critical during construction as PUD needed to re-route underground power conduit through the transit center site.

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